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To us, packaging design is the essence of bringing a brand to life in a tangible way. Packaging has the power to shape the perception of a product. It can even be a decisive factor to the success or failure of a new product on the market.
At Rooland, we use form, function, shape, and material to create packaging that perfectly embodies the essence of your brand and your product. Good, clever, beautiful package design ensures your product is picked up off the shelf, taken home, and loved forever.
It’s our mission to makethe world more beautiful,sustainably.
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As an advocate for green business practices, we promote sustainable solutions to our clients who dream of building a sustainable community. We aspire to create change through our designs. Rooland insists that producing beautiful design and a remarkable branding experience for consumers doesn’t have to leave a damaging impact to the environment.
In every project we undertake, we hand-pick materials from only the most responsible sources. We always offer a more ecological option to fit your project’s budget and requirements. We work with suppliers who share the same business ethics with us.
The creativity and expert judgment of seasoned packaging designers is paramount to making sure you get the highest quality of design.
Move towards a more sustainable society with your product packaging ideas. Sneak a peek at our previous projects where eco-friendly branding materials and excellent design meet.
The process of creating bespoke packaging -- from conceptualisation, designing, choosing the right materials, to printing -- requires thorough ideation and keen attention to detail. Rooland makes the process easier for you.

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packaging designers

Our design expertise expands across a diverse range of custom packaging for small businesses globally. We sit down with our clients to develop a streamlined strategy for their packaging needs, whether it be custom design for boxes, pouches, labels, or bags.
We provide packaging design for various industries, particularly:

Food & beverages

As lovers of coffee (aka the ‘elixir of creativity’ itself), it’s always a delight for us to help coffee brands create their product packaging. We also accept collab projects from gourmet food companies, like one of Illawarra’s favourite micro dairies, The Pines who worked with us to design their branding and packaging, as well as their collateral materials.


The use of cannabis products for medicinal purposes is on the rise since its legalisation. If you’re a new player in this fledgling industry, you need the expertise of a packaging design professional. We can help you create a design that draws in interest and eliminates stigma around the product.

Clothing & Apparel

In the fashion industry, packaging needs to positively shout the personality of the brand as, for many, collecting the memorabilia of the purchase comes as a major perk to buying into a well-treasured brand.

Health & Beauty

We have an expansive history in creating product packaging for beauty and skincare brands. We’ve had the pleasure of working with brands on their debuts into the market, and have found this to be one of our strongest suits.

Whether you’re revitalising your existing packaging or building a new design from scratch, our 25-year experience in package design has given us a plethora of knowledge about packaging, and an unrivaled passion to bring your brand to life.

If you have an existing product with no branding, we can help spice it up with a fresh logo and brand identity. Contact us today for a sit-down meeting with our designers!

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