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Made from a sugarcane byproduct, Bagasse is cost efficient, moldable and 100% compostable. The ultimate sustainable packaging alternative that makes eco-friendly easy.
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Why it’s so good for your company ?


Being nestable and stackable reduces storage costs as much as 70%

Completely compostable

Both home and industrially-compostable, sugarcane packaging lowers waste in landfill & protects forests.

Custom designed for your product

Our expertise allows us to create a unique brand experience shaped to your specifications

Lower energy-related emissions

Bagasse Sugarcane is a by-product and requires less time & energy in the manufacturing process.

Durable Material

Bagasse provides superior shock and vibration cushioning to ensure your product is protected while also being microwavable and freezer safe

Versatile material

Bagasse can be utilised to package a variety of items from tech, agriculture, gift, body & food products.

Bagasse for a

circular economy

A circular economy is a system where resources are re-used with minimal to zero decreases in quality. It aims to close loops to eliminate waste, pollution, and environmental destruction. Using bagasse in your packaging is a huge step towards helping the environment.

Understand how it works.

Sugarcane is harvested and crushed to extract the sugar. Once it’s finished, a dry fibrous residue remains: Bagasse.

The left over material is then put through a high heat and pressure process which allows it to be moulded into various shapes and sizes.

We custom engineer the packaging to your specifications, ensuring your branding is competitive and your customer has the best product experience.

Embrace your environmental

footprint & step into innovation.

With a competitive market, sustainable packaging is a must-have. Bagasse is a revolutionary material in the eco-packaging world. Stand out as a sustainable business that leads to innovation with our custom engineered moulded packaging, designed specifically for you and your consumers product experience.
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