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suzanne haddon.

Suzanne’s love for the environment is palpable and it’s the driving force behind everything she does, in and out of the office.

Suzanne has over 25 years of experience under her belt, crafting powerul corporate identity designs for massive global brands. These include Max Factor, Nike, and Starbucks Coffee. Suzanne studied at the Art Centre College of Design in Los Angeles and is absolutely bursting with knowledge and real-life experience in brand strategy, package design, advertising, illustration, graphic design management and conceptual experience. If she’s not overseeing every detail of a design brief to ensure it’s as eco-friendly as possible, you’ll find her checking the surf with her trusty canine, Thor.

our mission is to create absolute excellence in design, whilst upholding the promise of a more sustainable future.

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are driven by passion.

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Rooland is a creative studio nestled between the mountains and the sea in Wollongong, Australia. Our tight-knit team works closely with our clients to craft a wide range of brand design services- from branding and packaging to digital and print design, we cover all bases. We develop new brands from scratch and revitalise those that need a facelift. We strive to bring creative and strategic thinking to all of our work in order to craft brands that are recognised and remembered.

Rooland Studio

Our team of designers, strategists, animators, copywriters & developers work across a range of platforms & disciplines to create your vision.

We work hard to learn your needs, crack open your ideas and respond with our collective creative knowledge, to transform concepts into strong creative solutions for print, web, packaging and more. We have a zest for telling your brand’s story through sophisticated and thoughtful design, which will raise your business to a new level of success. At Rooland, we believe that strong branding is the foundation of a great business. Considered brands have powerful intent and clients recognise when a brand is authentic.

who is


As a child growing up in the Snoqualmie Mountains, on the border of Washington State and Canada in the United States, Suzanne could often be found in “Rooland,” an imaginary world where Roo lived. Roo is the spirit of a cat who believes in the earth and will do anything to make a difference.

Roo lives in a fantasy world of unbridled creativity and Suzanne was his companion as they explored the possibilities of life and growing up through visual expression.

To this day, Roo remains Suzanne’s muse and the guidingforce of Rooland.