Bespoke Visual Identity Design for Lisa Burling

Lisa Burling, an award-winning business woman in the PR sector, came to Rooland with a sole purpose of re-inventing herself as a social influencer and brand promoter for her upcoming book; ‘Dream a Little Dream.’ Lisa gifted us the opportunity to design the layout and create the aesthetic of her inspirational book. We set out to create a brand personality that truly captured Lisa’s personal story, whilst also being marketable. We had a whole lot of fun crafting a custom font that is utterly unique to Lisa and her brand. We drew inspiration from the soft and modern aesthetic of the ‘Lisa Burling’ logo, to tie in seamlessly with the design of the ‘Dream a Little Dream’ book. We wanted to capture Lisa’s down-to-earth personality in each and every chapter, worksheet and inspirational page. After perfecting Lisa’s brand identity and tying it in with her influential book, it seemed only natural to create an online presence through a social media campaign as well.

LocationWollongongScopeBranding, Illustration, iconographyYear2017

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