Rooland Supports National Recycling Week

roolandBy rooland|November 7, 2018

Next week marks Planet Ark’s annual National Recycling Week. The event was founded in 1996 to spread the message of the necessity of recycling to protect the natural environment.


But in truth, recycling is the bare minimum each of us can do in order to fight the war on waste. In order to make all our recycling efforts worthwhile, we also need to purchase recycled products and those made from recycled materials.


We need to change our mindsets from simply putting waste into the correct bin, to thinking about what we’re purchasing in the first place and making sustainable choices.


To get you inspired, we’ve picked a few of our favourite recycled products- beautifully designed too, of course!

Tote bag


Not only are these tote bags super cute, they’re also handmade in Cambodia from local up-cycled fish feed bags. The inside is lined and the handles reinforced, meaning they’re great to use as a shopping bag, too. They’re also reversible, meaning you get two designs for the price of one!


The unique bags are created out of the home of husband and wife duo, Sreynov and Sreang, who employ a team of people living in poverty to help make the bags. The pair provide employment to people living with disabilities, victims of domestic violence and victims of landmines. Amazing!


Visit their website to learn more.

Recycled Fish Feed Roll Up Shopping Bag Fair Trade from Cambodia (above)

Shapes in the Sand swimwear


This local Aussie business is doing everything in their power to create gorgeous, ethical, and environmentally friendly swimwear. And they’re smashing it!


It’s easy to see that their designs are inspired by the beauty of the Aussie bush and beach- just like their business values. All of the swimwear materials and fabrics were once fishing nets left behind in the ocean, which have been rescued, recycled, and remade into nylon yarn.


This yarn is turned into beautiful Italian fabrics which are then used to hand make the beautiful Shapes in the Sand swimwear, right here in Australia.


Check out Shapes in the Sand Swimwear online.

Shapes in the Sand swimwear (above) made from an Italian fabric using ECONYL®