Drawing Illustration Design Inspiration from the Community

roolandBy rooland|November 1, 2018|3 Minutes

Great graphic design is inspired by great art. At Rooland, we’re always seeking inspiration and ideas through all forms of visual and creative arts. Whether it be painting, drawing, sculpture, photography or a style we’ve never even heard of before. We love attending art exhibitions and discovering new artists. More than anything, we love supporting local Wollongong artists and letting their creative juices influence and inspire our own work.

Locals on Board

There’ll be plenty of creative juices flowing this Friday at the Wollongong City Gallery, during the opening of ‘Locals on Board’, an exhibition featuring almost 200 local artists in celebration of the gallery’s 40th anniversary.

The gallery encouraged any local artists residing between Helensburgh, the Southern Highlands, and Gerringong, to apply for a position in the exhibition, making it a truly community-focused show.

The common factor between each artist’s work is that they are created on or using a 60cm x 80cm plywood board provided by the gallery. Despite the seemingly limited space and materials, all forms of art have been encouraged, as long as the plywood board is the basis for the artwork.

For local artist Nicci Bedson, this is her first time exhibiting at the Wollongong City Gallery and is excited that her first experience involves many familiar faces.

“I was lucky enough to install the exhibition so I had a chance to see the work before everyone else! There’s a few friends and colleagues that I noticed entering including Stacie Simms, Trina Collins, Sam St Jon, and Mignon Steele,” Nicci said.

For the exhibition, Nicci based her painting on a photograph of her friend having coffee at the Wollongong cafe, Sifters. A seemingly simple scene, but Nicci says these are the moments she enjoys capturing.

“I like painting my surrounds and interests so this was fitting. I paint a lot of figures and urban landscapes, very much drawing from daily life and my environment. My style is realistic but has my own touch to it” she said.

Nicci has been creating and exhibiting art in the local area for the last nine years, so it’s little wonder why she’s so passionate about such a large community exhibition in one of the biggest regional galleries in the country.

“Locals need places to start out, to reach new audiences, to experiment and take risks. We need affordable venues and supportive but critical viewers. If we don’t give local artists room to flourish here they will go elsewhere, taking their creativity and culture with them!”

Nicci Beson (above)