JRNY Essentials – Aromatherapy Parfum

With 20 years of research in the production of different seaweeds and how they are important to human health, PhycoHealth creates a range of seaweed-based products to provide healthy nutrients to people through food, supplements and skincare products.
Challenge: Create a branding system that can be applied to a range of products, and showcases the health benefits & sustainability message simply.
Strategy: Use of ocean colours, bold contrast and custom illustrations that can be used widely throughout collateral. A strong brand presence is very important.

LocationMelbourne VICScopeBrand Identity & Packaging Design.

Brand Identity & Packaging Design.

There is so much time and research behind our products, and there is so much to say about them. But nothing communicates it better than good translation to branding and packaging. Rooland helped us convey our message by telling the story visually and physically… simply. Without that it would have been like being muted Thanks Rooland!

Ari Pickering - JRNY Essentials Owner

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