JRNY Essentials – Aromatherapy Parfum

JRNY Essentials are luxury aromatherapy parfums that travel with you. When you catch that intoxicating fragrance on your wrist or someone’s neck, you’re immediately inspired and transported far away. Found at the junction of travel, wellness and fragrance, JRNY reaches into a space of sensuality and practicality.
Challenge: Develop a cohesive branding system to encompass a core product range, with room for expansion as the brand evolves. The finished product must exude high end luxury while remaining rooted in the brand’s ethos – Rediscover your scents of adventure.
Strategy: We drew inspiration from the early 20th century, evoking a sense of nostalgia for a time when the world was ripe for exploration and travel was an exhilarating journey. By infusing a contemporary touch, we seamlessly blend the allure of the past with the sophistication of the present

LocationMelbourne VICScopeBrand Identity & Packaging Design.

Brand Identity & Packaging Design.

There is so much time and research behind our products, and there is so much to say about them. But nothing communicates it better than good translation to branding and packaging. Rooland helped us convey our message by telling the story visually and physically… simply. Without that it would have been like being muted Thanks Rooland!

Ari Pickering - JRNY Essentials Owner

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