Before Redesigning Your Logo, Ask Yourself these Questions First!

roolandBy rooland|February 20, 2020
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Planning to Redesign your Logo? Keep These Things in Mind


Your logo has a big impact on your business. It shapes how your audience sees your brand and how they would remember you. To reflect the changes in your company or the modern design trends, a logo has to be adjusted or modified every now and then.


This is particularly true for businesses that have been operating for several years—the logo you created way back in 1980 is least likely to appeal to your target customers in 2020. Besides time relevance, there are plenty of other reasons to consider giving your logo a facelift.


But before you pull down your current logo, sit down to think if a redesign is what your business really needs. Ask yourself these key questions to discern if you should settle with your existing design or explore something new:

1. Do you want to get the attention of a new audience?

You have a solid network of customers that are equally loyal and responsive, but you think you’re ready to cater to a new customer base (e.g. younger demographics). A fresh logo design may be what your brand strategist suggested.

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Do it right and a new and sleek logo will help you speak to your new audience whilst maintaining your existing customers.


2. Have there been changes in your business?

Perhaps you have additional products, put up another store in a new location, or added new members to your team. If there’s any change or expansion in your business, it may be a good idea to reflect that through a new logo.


3. Are there changes in your company values/mission?

It’s natural for businesses to evolve as years progress. Your company may have taken on a new personality as a result of a change in values or mission. In this case, your logo should convey these changes.


4. Are you competing with a newcomer in your industry?

You were a household brand; a leader in your industry. However, a new player suddenly comes into the picture. One way to stand up to the competition and defend your reputation is to freshen up your logo. This helps show your established customer base that you’re keeping up with the times and lets your target customers know you’re worth considering.


5. Is your logo up to date?

If your logo was created in the ‘90s it’s high time you step into the new era. The design may no longer be compatible with most devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) that will be displaying your logo.


Doing a logo redesign can be a long and daunting process. To make the logo design process a lot easier and to get it right the first time, hire a team of professional designers like Rooland.


With 25 years of experience, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses with their logo and brand identity design needs.


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