5 Work-From-Home Tips to Be Inspired and Get Organised

roolandBy rooland|May 9, 2019

A job that allows you to work from home can sound like a dream come true. You get to choose your own work hours and take breaks whenever you want while wearing your pyjamas all day.


However, treating your work office at home like a vacation can quickly lead to procrastination. Not only do you need to stay organised amid your laundry and dishes, you also need to harvest motivation in a place where distractions are ultimately a battle.


Don’t worry, we’ll help you get organised and inspired. It’s time to take back your work/home relationship.


1. Find out what motivates you.

Write a list of what makes you happy and motivated in your work space. Is it a family portrait by your desk, a cup of tea in the morning, or having that “to-do” list ready? These motivational factors are key to succeeding at working from home.


Do you find that you lack motivation and inspiration around the home office? It might be time to shake up your work routine, re-organise, and dig deep to find out what you need to be motivated.



2. Create rules.

Rules and schedules are necessary in order to achieve progress and momentum. Rules not only make it easier to plan a work day, but also give you incentives if they are followed.


By setting yourself strict rules, you also risk having to face the consequences if you break them. However, don’t be unrealistic and make rules you know you won’t break as these have little purpose in the long run.


3. Take regular breaks.

Just like in any work environment, it is important to take regular breaks away from the desk. While this might seem self-explanatory, there is no denying the benefits of regular breaks.


Working at home, you have a better opportunity to relax and disconnect from work compared to people working in an office. Set off an alarm clock or download a handy app, such as 30/30, that alerts you of your break time.


Instead of burning minutes (or hours) on streaming videos on YouTube or mindlessly scrolling on your social media feeds, use your break times to get away from your computer. Take a stroll around your neighbourhood, read a book, grab coffee with a family member/friend, or take a nap. Do anything that takes your mind off your tasks for a moment and that which replenishes your energy.


4. De-clutter to free up mental cobwebs.

Your workspace can affect your peace of mind and concentration. The key to increased focus and productivity is to de-clutter your physical and mental space. This primes your mind and body to focus on the work that’s at hand.


Do you often get overwhelmed by your own plans and thoughts by the time your wake up? Spend the first few minutes of your morning writing down all your ideas and the urgent tasks you need to accomplish for the day (personal and professional). Journaling is an effective way to process your thoughts and prevent them from taking up your mental space.


Our team created a free step-by-step guide that focuses on hoarding’s impact on health, how to start a clean-up for each room, and assistance programs to support these communities. A Comprehensive Cleanup Guide for People with Hoarding Disorder.


You environment can also have an impact on your productivity levels, so it’s essential to keep your home and workspace clean and free from distractions.  Organise your desk by filing away papers and keeping only what you need.


5. Get inspired!

Need inspiration for your office setting at home? There are lots of places to go and get inspired. Check out Pinterest for some beautiful office layouts and creative ideas. Search though these great tips for organisation. Stop by your local IKEA shop to see what you’ll need to stock up on.


All that can stop you is your imagination.