Video Marketing: Why You Should Leverage it in 2020

roolandBy rooland|March 19, 2020

Studies suggest that in 2020, video will have the biggest share (pegged at 80 per cent) of the world’s internet traffic. A huge chunk of this number will be coming from animation. This should come as no surprise, considering several types of animation nowadays are drawing specific audiences like a magnet. 


Video marketing is useful in strengthening brand awareness and it’s proven to be a great tool for increasing sales, especially for small businesses. Marketers found that animated videos are also effective in engaging an audience. Unlike plain texts and emails and static advertisements, videos can satisfy people’s queries while keeping them entertained.


How and Where to Use Video

There’s a lot of ways you can use video or animation to grab the attention of your target audience. Video is commonly used as a marketing tool in many areas including:



Animation is used to give visitors (especially newcomers) visual navigation of the website. By using an informative video, you can make it easier for your site visitors to understand how your website works and explain every element or feature shown on your site.


Take this video for example:

Social media 

Product commercials and video advertisements are becoming a popular trend in various social platforms. A short, punchy, and entertaining marketing video for social media that features your product or service has the potential to be shared by users and reach a wide variety of audience.

Explainer videos

These videos are also a hit because they are highly accessible and they’re the easiest way to hand a crucial piece of information to a specific audience. Make your content light, brief, and easy to understand.


These are just a few ways you can use video for your marketing. Despite its potential, you might still have questions about the medium: Is it worth the effort to use videos for promoting your offers? Do you have sufficient resources to produce video content?


To help you make an informed choice, here are the top three reasons why you should leverage the power of video marketing this year.


3 Benefits of Video Marketing to Your Business 


1.  Video increases conversions and sales

With the right content and by sharing it on the right channel, video can boost conversions by 80 per cent. It can also result in direct sales. According to a study, 74 percent of users who watched an explainer video on a product they’re interested in subsequently purchased it.

The fact that most people are visual beings and that the brain absorbs visual information better explains this effect. That’s what compelling moving visuals can contribute to your business.


2. Video delivers great ROI

About 83 percent of businesses report that video marketing gives an impressive return on investment. Although video production may cost you time, money, and effort, it pays off significantly. Fortunately, there are solutions you can explore to minimise the cost.

There are already video editing tools that are affordable, plus you can shoot a decent video using your smartphone. The video production tools you use don’t matter as much as the content you’re trying to deliver. After all, content is still king!


3. Video establishes trust

Trust is vital in every successful conversion and sales. And building trust is a lofty goal in itself. Content marketing must be anchored on trust and cultivating long-term relationships. Using video in your marketing strategy is one way to develop and nurture trust with your audience. 


Some potential customers may have second thoughts about buying your product/service for fear of cheating, fraud or thinking they might get a better offer elsewhere. An effective way to break the ice is to use marketing or promotional videos that put your products in a different light and through a conversational form. This helps create an individualised approach, giving them the confidence to buy from you.


With the continuous growth of video advertising coupled with new advances in video production, we can expect more businesses to rely on video marketing in promoting their business in the coming years. To create a wildly effective video, you need an ounce of creativity and deep knowledge of your audience’s behaviour.