Let Purpose Drive Your Brand and Watch Your Business Profit

roolandBy rooland|June 21, 2019

What is your company’s purpose? At Rooland, our mission has always been to create beautiful designs in the most eco-friendly way possible. This is our purpose and we aim to embody it in everything we do – in and outside of the office.


Sustainability is a strong part of our company ethos and everyone who works and enters the Rooland office knows that the environment is at the forefront of everything we do.


Our passion for sustainable design is what sets us apart from other branding agencies, and is a major reason why so many local and international brands choose to work with us.


So, how can your company embody purpose without sacrificing profit?



Not every business’ purpose will be the same. Although we believe every brand should look to how they can operate in the most sustainable way possible, this may not resonate with everyone. There are plenty of causes that need your help and heaps of ways your brand can support them.


Maybe you care about women’s rights. Or refugee rights. Maybe you want to foster a better sense of community in your area. Maybe you want to help the homeless. Whatever your passion is outside of the office, bring it into the office with you. Make it a part of your work life and you’ll feel a deep sense of satisfaction in all of the work that you do.


How can my businesses/brand embody this purpose?


How you embody your purpose depends on what your brand does and what it is you care about.


1. Be critical about what products and businesses you choose to buy from and who you work with.

At Rooland, one way we maintain our commitment to the environment is by choosing eco-friendly materials and resources (like inks, for example). This is a great first step in setting ethical boundaries for your brand. Only work with businesses that share the same values as you.


2. Take a deep look into your office culture.

Does your office embody the ethics and purpose you want your brand to represent? If not, this is a great place to start. Is your workplace fair, equal and ethical? What can you change to even the balance? Change your brand from the inside out.


3. Support causes you care about.

Sometimes the easiest way for your brand to embody its values is to support other organisations already doing the hard work. Make donations to charities that your brand aligns with. Have your team spend some time volunteering for a not-for-profit that you care about. This can also help boost team morale!


How can I maintain profits?


This is the tricky (but totally achievable) part.


At Rooland, we know that choosing the sustainable option can be slightly more expensive than the standard. However, to ensure we are not losing out on profits, the additional cost of these sustainable products is built into the upfront quotes that businesses are given when they first approach us.


We make sure that our customers are fully informed and aware that the products we use are eco-friendly, so they can be proud to be sustainable as well.


If you’re making donations and volunteering with charities, make sure your customers know about it! This type of positive marketing can see your client intake sky-rocket. When customers know that businesses care about issues that affect them, they are more likely to use your products and services.


If you want to build a passionate and sustainable brand for your business, we can help you. Let’s keep in touch!