RooCreate Officially Launches to Promote Eco-Packaging

roolandBy rooland|May 31, 2018

To provide the best eco-packaging solutions for businesses, Rooland’s sister company RooCreate hosted its official launch on the 23rd May at University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus.


Friends, family, and eco-enthusiasts joined our RooTeam in celebrating this massive achievement, which all started two years ago when founder, Suzanne Haddon, partnered up with iAccelerate to make her dream become reality.


RooCreate’s mission is to deliver a smart, simple, and sustainable packaging process to make it easier, more affordable, and professional with an environmentally friendly aesthetic.

“I love packaging and I wanted to create an App or some kind of online platform where people can go an get really innovative package design,” – Suzanne Haddon (Founder)

What we do:


RooCreate offers a smart and easy-to-use online platform for businesses and customers to select their ideal sustainable package. RooCreate’s services include:


• An all-in-one service for eco-packaging.

• Assistance with sourcing the latest eco-materials and eco-products.

• Expert package designers ready to help with questions and assist with designing the perfect package.

• Templates available to download for custom package design.

• Reliable and ethical suppliers and resources.

• A simplified, user-friendly process that allows customers to see what they are buying.

• Prototyping of package design before committing to printing the full run.


What’s next for RooCreate:


Coming soon is a “workspace” that enables clients to visually see the entire design process of their package from start to finish. All located in a single, convenient place on the RooCreate website. Additionally, RooCreate’s team of experts are continually liaising with a range of eco-suppliers to offer customers quality product packaging materials.


RooCreate’s initiative is to inspire businesses to not only think green, but to act on it, and our resourceful team can help with just that. RooCreate combines creative expertise with a client’s vision to produce a perfect eco-package for their business.


If you wish to contact us visit the RooCreate website to make an enquiry. Our friendly team can’t wait to hear from you!