Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine

We had creative freedom with this beer can design we created for Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine, a local Brewery in Tarrawanna. Their only form of packaging prior to this project was a stainless steel vessel (growlers) they use in their swap’n’go system. We absolutely love the design we ended up with and think it is a great entrance into the canned beer market.

Challenge: As this was the first can RGBM would be releasing, the challenge was to create a can that will stand out on shelves amongst competitor craft brews, while looking like it belonged there. It needed to have an established look and feel while being creative and new.

Strategy: We utilised a bright orange and navy colour palette to make the cans visually jump off of shelves and draw attention, also adding to the fun and playful elements of the can. It was really important for us to showcase the people behind the brand. We worked closely with Anna and Billy to make sure the design we ended up with is the perfect culmination of their personalities and story. Of course the infamous ‘Reub’ character has his place front and centre to tie in with the name of the beer, ‘Reub’s Gold’ and to ensure the can is recognisable as he is such an integral aspect of their brand.

LocationTarrawannaScopeBrand Identity, Package Design and Illustration

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