Packaging and Brand Strategy for Enjoy CBD

Behold, the age of legalised marijuana, and with it, the creation of an entirely new industry. Enjoy CBD comes riding this wave by providing nutritional grade CBD products to alleviate a multitude of health issues. We were handed a challenging brief – to create a brand presence that changes the stigma around CBD, from being perceived as a mind-altering drug, to being associated with health and well-being (Note: CBD is the opposite of THC and does not cause a high). The result is a health product and brand that’s equally sophisticated, medical, and affordable.

We were tasked with creating not only branding, but package and website design as well. We created unique packaging for the entire line of CBD products, including oils, gummies and vaporisers. We chose bright popping colours to differentiate the purpose of each product, and coinciding geometric patterns to add depth and personality. Our use of a smile in the text logo, creates a friendly and approachable face of the brand from the get-go. On the website, we wanted to create a layout that ensured the products were easily accessible, but also that the Enjoy CBD story was told and told well. This brief covered all bases and allowed us to ensure the entire brand was consistent in its message and professional style.

LocationOregon, USAScopeBranding, package design, digital designYear2018

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