Branding, Labeling, and Packaging Design for The Pines

The Pines are a family operated and owned micro dairy farm on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. With just a small herd of Holstein cows pasturing on their biodynamic and sustainable farm, The Pines create rich and creamy milk, Gelato and natural yoghurt. The Pines place a huge emphasis on quality and sustainability, which naturally aligns with our core values at Rooland. So it was nothing short of a match made in ice-creamy heaven when they approached us to create branding and packaging for their dairy products.We created design elements that use block colours, clean lines and illustrative typography, to reflect the pine trees that are famously known within the coastal town of Kiama, where their farm resides. Once we perfectly crafted their brand identity, we carried the same colours, fonts and overall look and feel across all their collateral pieces.

LocationKiamaScopeBranding, PackagingYear2015

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