Brand Reach: Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Oceania
Category: Food and beverage
Branding: Refresh Id and new product packaging
Focuses: Brand positioning with identity, sustainable packaging, website e-commerce, photography art direction and marketing with storytelling.

Opportunity: When Bamm approached us, they were known as Nishi-Marie and lacked a clear vision for their brand’s direction. Collaborating closely with them, we set out to create a brand that would disrupt the office culture and embody the essence of ultra-healthy living. Introducing the tikiman, a character we developed as their brand mascot, we injected a sense of fun into their identity.

Through compelling storytelling, meaningful icons, and the charismatic presence of the tikiman, we unveiled a unique narrative that added depth and resonance to their brand.
A dynamic brand experience that captures the essence of Bamm, resonates with their target audience and sets them apart in the market.

LocationWA, USAScopeRefresh Id and new product packagingYear2023

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