Is branding REALLY necessary for your company?
Spoiler; YES, YES & YES!

roolandBy rooland|July 14, 2022

Investing in branding is one of the important decisions for your business, both from a brand and customer standpoint. Branding is an intricate and full-on process that requires expertise, understanding and lots of research! Did you know; research confirms that a company must re-brand every 7-10 years to move with shifts in consumer demand…
So, to help you out, Rooland has gathered a few pointers and key markers that will help you understand if your business needs branding or a brand re-fresh; LETS CHAT!


Does your current branding represent your brand’s personality?


Of all ways to express the personality of your business, branding takes the cake. When creating a brand ‘personality’, it is heavily reliant on visual appeal and consistency. Just like a person, a brand must have a consistent voice, a consistent aura and an un-differentiated personality to continue to make an effect on the right people. Your brand personality should be directly targeted to your consumer type.

For example; The branding Rooland crafted for REBOOT+ focused on making naturopathy appeal to the younger demographic. This is what we came up with, what do you think?



Is your branding attracting the right audience?


Similar to crafting your brand personality, enticing the right audience is more complex than it initially seems. First, you must understand who you are targeting; Is it one audience? or is it various audiences? Once this is established, branding steps in. Branding essentially sells your product to the audience. If they do not feel connected to your brand, they more than likely will not purchase from you.


Logo Design Existu

Here is one of our great clients, Ex-Situ;

Ex-Situ needed to attract two specific audiences; Elderly people seeking end-of-life support, or their loved ones who were to seek it for them. Rooland crafted Ex-Situ’s branding to communicate trust, warmth and support to attract and entice their two audiences. Do you think the logo conveys trust and safety?




Is your brand output consistent across platforms?


While this is key, Rooland has found that very few people maintain consistency across all platforms. This is not to say consistency is easy, because we know that it is not! A website may convey different emotions than social media does, or vice versa. Your website, social media, Email Marketing, Blogs and Logo all must communicate the same things. Think about your personal experience. Do you know a specific brand that, no matter what they post, conveys trust or superiority or calmness? That is a CONSISTENT brand output.


Digital Design for Opsani


Let’s take a look at OPSANI. Rooland worked with OPSANI to create a consistent brand presence across all platforms;

Our work with OPSANI spanned over 5 years to ensure that their brand consistently conveyed thought leadership. This included; Website development, Digital illustrations, Social media collateral, brochure designing, trade show designing and more.

Now that you have had a look at our three tips, do you agree that branding is critical to the success of your business? We do!!

Rooland is a branding agency with over 25 years of experience in the branding field. If you need to revitalise or create your branding, get in touch! We would love to learn about your business and let you know how we can help…