well-designed visual accompanied by crisp content

Clear, well-designed visual accompanied by crisp content is a great way to gain attention.

Stunning Graphic Design is Vital for the Growth of Your Business! Here’s Why.

roolandBy rooland|December 3, 2019

Wherever we look, we come across all sorts of graphic design everyday in our lives. It can be the flyer featuring the latest menu of your favourite restaurant, the catchy logo of your well-loved soap brand, or your go-to streaming website. It’s become part of our lives!


The importance of graphic design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s an integral type of communication that bridges the gap between your business and your audience. Graphic design is a necessary tool for brands to increase awareness about their products/services, to entertain their customers, and to persuade them to enquire or purchase.


The essence of a compelling graphic design


An effective design not only communicates the right message to the intended audience, but it enables businesses to achieve their sales and marketing objectives. Specifically, great graphic design is essential for businesses because it:

  • Helps businesses to increase sales, build their brand, and establish a rapport with their customers.


  • Combining design elements to suit a specific visual communication objective, well-thought-out design can draw the attention of a diverse range of people in a competitive market.


  • Without leveraging the power of visual communication, the company loses the chance to highlight their products and expand their customer base. In the long run, this can affect the business and its profitability.


A professional graphic designer has the skills and expertise to create or improve the content of your design pieces to capture your audience’s attention. Having a keen understanding of your audience’s needs and behaviour, graphic designers combine the appropriate colours, typefaces, and images to give you the design that speaks for your brand.


What is graphic design?

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An effective graphic design should be clear, proper, and accurate.

‘Graphic’ in graphic design means accurate and proper visual, whilst ‘design’ refers to the process of crafting a message in an artistic yet professional manner. Combining both terms, the goal of graphic design is to weave a piece of visual information to speak to and engage a specific group of people.


The creative process is led by the creative director, client, and graphic designer. The designer uses visual arts, typography, colour schemes, and images through a number of layout techniques to produce design pieces. The process involves four steps, namely:

  1. Briefing/meeting
  2. Design
  3. Artwork
  4. Production


The positioning of the design elements in a particular piece depends on your choice of media which may include logos, posters, flyers, website, or package.


Today’s designers use a variety of graphics software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, QuarkXPress, and Adobe InDesign among others. Graphic design has varied formats. These are:


What are the basic elements of graphic design?

Graphic design is your tool to get noticed

Graphic design is your tool to get noticed in virtual and physical markets.

Graphic designers thread together the following elements to create an influential design piece:


  • Line – The purpose of lines is to divide spaces, separate content, and maintain the balance between content in print mediums and website designs.


  • Shape – Known as the basis of design, shapes create patterns, establish web designs, and define a number of elements in a print or on a web page.


  • Colour – Designers manipulate colours to create variations on the look and feel of the elements. It can highlight images and make it look more distinct from the rest. But most importantly, colours set the mood and tone in a design piece to elicit an emotion in your audience.


  • Typeface – The font type, size, and arrangement are all crucial in creating graphic designs that speak directly to your audience. How you present your text defines how your audience will receive and understand your message.


  • Illustration and photography – The choice of photographs and illustrations also matter in creating effective designs. Art, illustration, and photography are useful in emphasising your ideas and capturing the attention of your audience.


Benefits of professional graphic design

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Engage consumers with great graphic design.

Below are the ways your business can benefit from a high-quality graphic design by an expert graphic designer:


  • Draws attention – Outdated design doesn’t attract prospect customers. People are always drawn towards something with a unique design concept, and they easily get the message from a quality design. It gives them the impression that great design equates to high-quality products/services. This impression automatically gets embedded in their minds when they come across a good logo, business card, and other design assets.


  • Builds company name – Graphic designs also help establish your company name in your niche market. When people see your logo several times, they associate your brand with it. In the same way, ads, websites, and business cards are just some of the designs people see daily. They instill memories of the brand in people’s minds, which leads to increased brand recall.


  • Fosters goodwill – Professional graphic designers can create designs that can help you develop trust in your target market. Graphic design with high aesthetic appeal has a greater chance of earning the viewers’ confidence. People are most likely to put their trust in a company if their design elements appeal to their senses.


  • Properly conveys your brand message – Your design is a vehicle for your brand message. An expert designer can help you define the message you want to deliver to the consumers. They will choose the right colours and typefaces that tap on the right emotion.


  • Enforces professionalism – In competitive industries, brands are fighting to get ahead of other businesses, locally and internationally. With distinct logo design, website, and other design assets, you can build a professional image for your company which in itself is already a huge advantage over your competitors.


Tips in creating stellar graphic designs to elevate your brand

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Invest in professional graphic design services to uplift your brand.

Boost your brand reach with these tips:

  • Build a good first impression. Graphic design is your best ally in making a positive and lasting impression for your brand. How your customers perceive your brand at first meeting will set the tone for their relationship with your business. Create a strong sales page, website, business card, print/online ad, flyer, social media post, or product package. Maximise the first phase of the buyer journey by using relevant graphics that express your brand story.


  • What does your website tell about your brand? Are you using professional design elements that trigger the right response? Assess your website and social media pages. Update old graphic designs that don’t represent the current brand identity of your business.


  • Be creative! Let your imagination run free when creating any design, but make sure to create quality content. You’ll remain steps ahead of your competitors if you stay creative and innovative even in your designs. Use your design to empathise with your audience and show them how your product can address their pain points. (If you’re looking for design inspirations from which you can base your next project, browse through our design library).


  • Tell a story. Whatever type of business you may have, your business has a unique story to tell the world. And graphic design is your mouthpiece. Your design assets will differ from time to time, but they should all point to the same brand story. For this purpose, you may need to have brand guide to make sure your design stays consistent.


  • Stay green! We’re not talking about the colour — we mean pursuing sustainability in design. Sustainable graphic design applies eco-friendly principles in developing graphic designs. It considers the potential impacts of graphic design assets to the environment. There’s a pressing call for businesses and designers to be more mindful of our eco-footprint, since we’re continuously producing and adopting new technologies. Save water and energy. Use recycled/biodegradable materials and learn how to recycle properly. Make your workflows as green as possible and choose to work with suppliers that care for the environment.



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