Business Logo Design: Expert Advice for an Amazing Brand

roolandBy rooland|July 16, 2018

A good logo design is an important step towards brand awareness. The right logo should be eye-catching and unique. There are many international brands that can be identified simply by their logo. When you reach that stage you know that your brand has made it. Designing a new logo is tough, which is why companies invest a lot of money in it. Here are 4 tips to help you design a logo that will help your brand stand out.


Keep It Simple

Simplicity is an important factor when it comes to logo designing. If you look at Apple, you can see that their logo is fairly simple. It’s just a 2D outline of an apple with a bite missing. Over the years Apple has changed the colour of their logo, but the basic shape has remained the same. That’s because simple logos are easy to remember. When you’re designing a logo for your company remember to keep it as simple as possible. So much so that even a child should be able to draw it. This will help make your logo memorable.


Use the Name as a Logo

Sometimes companies use their name as a logo instead of creating a new one. Google and Coca-Cola are popular examples of this. However, there’s still a bit of creativity involved here. Each letter in ‘Google’ is of a different colour and the font of ‘Coca-Cola’ is unique to say the least. So if you’re using your brand name as a logo just remember to spice it up a bit. This will help people identify your brand not just by its logo, but also by its name. NeXT is yet another brand that uses its name as a logo.


Be Creative

The logo needs to be creative in order to be popular. That doesn’t mean you create a complex 3D image and break the first rule we mentioned here. There is room for creativity even in simple 2D designs. Target and Windows incorporate creativity into their designs to create logos that are representations of their brand name. Their logos are simple, without sacrificing on creativity. That’s what you should try to achieve with your design. Keep in mind the brand name and the core idea of the business while creating the logo, and try to come up with something creative.

Always Reinvent

Companies rarely change their logo, but they do reinvent it. We again use the example of Apple to explain this. The Apple logo has remained the same since its inception, but they have played around with its colour. It used to be black, then it became multi-coloured and now it’s silver. All iterations of the logo represent an important period in the company’s history. Almost all major brands have reinvented their logos over the years and you should too. It helps keep the logo fresh.

Designing an eye-catching logo is difficult, but we’re sure with these helpful tips you’ll be able to manage it. And if you can’t, then you can always hire someone else to do it for you.