Brand Logo Design for Maya & Peacock

Crafting a brand logo design from scratch is one of our key strengths. So when Maya & Peacock tapped us to do the work, we took the challenge with brimming enthusiasm. Maya & Peacock is a personal styling company based in Wollongong, NSW. They help men and women channel the best version of themselves through clothing that resonates with their identity. The term ‘Maya’ represents courage to embark on a journey to self-improvement, whilst ‘Peacock’ embodies everything colourful and vibrant. Our task was to whip up a simple, sleek, and unique logo that ties these two concepts together. So we took the brand’s most distinctive feature, the ampersand, and transformed the glyph into a representation of a peacock. As a brand, Maya & Peacock takes on a bold yet friendly and approachable personality, so we used the soft peachy colour palette. We also used painted patterns on all their branding collateral including their business card, style guide, email signature, social media graphic, gift voucher, fashion lookbook, and questionnaire.

LocationWollongong, NSWScopeBranding, Social Media, Iconography, Web designYear2019

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